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Barrett Agri works closely with our suppliers to provide you with the very best minerals for your animals. We provide a comprehensive range of minerals to cater for all livestock and farming situations. Our products include

✅ Premixes

✅ Bagged Minerals

✅ TMR Minerals ( Total Mix Ration )

✅ Crystalyx

✅  Molassed Mineral buckets licks

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Bagged Minerals

Barrett Agri in association with Provimi provides quality premixes, pre-starters, starters and concentrates, together with speciality products for the intensive livestock sector.

Provimi extensive product range has been developed through years of research within in house research facilities, external centres of excellence and in market.

Provimi have built a large and loyal customer base through:

✅ Providing superior nutritional and technical input.
✅ Delivering relevant products and innovation to the industry, through continuous research and development.

TMR Range   

Barrett Agri supplies Provimi TMR range. This range is designed to deliver the correct amount of vitamins along with major minerals and trace elements to the target animal. The precise mineral required depends on the metabolic state of the animal (e.g. dry cow or lactating cow), the diet the animal is on, and the expected level of performance of the animal.
The Provimi TMR range of ruminant minerals is the most advanced range of minerals in the market place. The specifications are continuously being reviewed and upgraded, in line with the latest research to meet challenges at farm level.

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Crystalyx minerals

Barrett Agri in association with Crystalyx supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of cows, beef and sheep.  The Crystalyx range gives livestock the opportunity to perform at their very best. Crystalyx blocks are packed full of energy, protein, trace elements, minerals and vitamins.


✅ CRYSTALYX is a high energy, mineralised feed lick with a range of products available suitable for all classes of ruminating cattle and sheep (including organic systems). Crystalyx can also be fed to deer and goats.

✅ CRYSTALYX contains no fibre and negligible moisture, being produced by a unique cooking process (rather like treacle toffee).

✅ The licks are virtually unaffected by rain and do not break up on weathering.


Cattle Booster
Bucket of Crystalyx cattle booster

Crystalyx Cattle Booster is a feed tub ideally suited for use in dairy and beef farming  systems, in both cases Cattle Booster has been shown (through University research  trials) to increase forage intake and  digestibility. Trials have concluded that Cattle Booster stimulates growth rates and improves overall health, fertility and milk quality in livestock.

Supplementary grazing with Crystalyx Cattle Booster can significantly and economically improve animal performance. It has been shown to increase liveweight gain by up to 24.6%.

 Cattle High Mag 
Bucket of Cyystalyx Cattle High-Mag

Cattle need magnesium to reduce the risk of hypomagnesaemia (grass staggers or grass tetany) but magnesium salts are bitter and not readily taken by cattle. Cattle High-Mag however provides a highly palatable form of magnesium readily consumed even by grazing cattle in spring and the high digestibility and availability ensures the risk of hypomagnesaemia can be significantly reduced by feeding Cattle High-Mag.

Easy Breather   
Crystaylx Easy Breather

Respiratory problem in cattle, especially calves, are all too common. The severity of the problems can range from a mild nasal discharge and coughing to severe pnemonia and even death. Respiratory problems are most common in young calves from 2 weeks of age, autumn housed calves especially spring-born suckled calves, bought-in or older calves and “stressed” calves. Unique features of Calflyx Easy Breather:: Calflyx Easy Breather contains active and proven decongestants as well as generous levels of vitamin E and C which are potent antioxidants. Easy Breather is highly palatable and stimulates dry feed intake. 

            Extra High Energy 
Crystalyx Extra High Energy

A dehydrated molasses feed lick containing a range of nutrients designed to supplement the forage intake of sheep, so helping to improve forage digestibility and rumen fermentation. It is ideal for flushing ewes and tups, ewes before and after lambing, growing and finishing lambs at grass.

Insect Repellent   
Bucket of Crystaylx Garlyx minerals

Garlyx Insect Repellent maximises animal performance at grass by providing all the usual benefits of Crystalyx together with natural protective high sulphur compounds present in garlic. 

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