Milk Replacer

Milk replacer feeding is an essential phase of animal husbandry. The performance of your stock and the long term profitability of your business depends on optimum results at this important stage. Lactalis Milk Replacers will support the success and performance during this crucial phase.

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Milk is the first determining food in the development of all animals, in particularly calves. Barrett Agri in partnership with Lactalis Feed has brought to the market a range of world leading milk replacers.

(The Company) Lactalis is a family dairy group, is situated in the West of France. From its foundation in 1933 the group has expanded rapidly, to become a multi national business employing 61,000 people on 5 continents. The Group operates in over 200 production sites in 37 countries worldwide.

✅ Largest Dairy Group in the World. Turnover of €16 billion.

✅ Largest Cheese Producer in the World producing a series of prestigious French and International brands.

✅ Largest Milk Collector in Europe. 15 billion litres worldwide

✅ Lactalis is the world leader in dairy products ‘

Eurovo Lactonic
Bag of Eurovo milk replacer

✅ Lactech is formulated to target the necessary growth rates for high performance dairy and beef calves.

✅ The total protein and fat ratio has been designed to optimise calf development through to weaning.

✅ Target daily growth rates of 0.7kgs + per day are achievable with this quality all-rounder milk replacer.

Eurovo 26   
Bag of Eurovo milk replacer

✅ Eurovo 26 is formulated for high performance dairy replacement stock.

✅ Designed with high levels of dairy protein and ideal amino acid profiles, it maximises growth performance at the critical early development stage.

✅ Growth rates of 0.9 kgs + per day are achievable with this premium milk replacer to meet the target size and weight for bulling and calving.

Eurovo Immune
Bag of Lactalis Eurovo Inmmune Milk replacer
Immunoglobulins issued from eggs to enhance the immune system and to
compete with pathogenic agents of the intestinal tractus
Probiotics to promote the stabilization of the intestinal microflora of the calf
Vitamins C and E, organic selenium and grape extracts to support the
development of the immune system and to improve the defences against
stress situations
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Volac calf milk replacers are designed to promote healthy, fast growth, in young animals. The Blossom range has formed the heart of the Volac range of milk replacers since it’s launch in the early 90’s.

Infographic on Volac milk replacer
Blosson Easymix
Bag of Volac Blossom milk replacer

✅ Formulated to achieve the required growth rates to maximise lifetime performance for both dairy and beef calves.

✅ Ideal for once or twice day feeding and some ad lib systems requiring an instant mixing powder.

✅ Blossom Freeflow is ideal for use through the Volac automatic calf feeder and any feeder requiring a free-flowing type powder.

Bag of Volac Heiferlac milk replacer

✅ Heiferlac has been designed specifically for modern Dairy Heifer calves and contains very high levels of Pure Dairy Protein, Lactose and specially selected Vegetable oils.