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Beef Feed


Beef feed

Beef Feed

Beef farming today demands performance in key production areas such as, growth rate, daily gain, food conversion efficiency (F.C.E) along with traceability. Barrett Agri ‘s range of Beef feeds continues to deliver on these important characteristics.

We have an extensive range of beef feeds which caters for all stages of growth. Our products includes specialist feeds for calf, weanling and replacement heifers. Store production and the finishishing stages of beef are also catered for.

Consult our sales team for the up to date advice for your beef system requirements.


Beef Feed





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Beef Feed



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Beef Feed






High Gain Beef 
Beef Feed
High Energy Beef is a 16% crude protein beef nut, that is suitable for feeding to a wide range of young stock and store cattle. The nuts contain high starch and protein levels and compliment forage intake and utilization.
•  Recommended from 6 months of age
• Hi-Pro soya provides undegradable protein for young growing animals
• Provides essential amino acids for weanlings
• It is fully balanced for minerals and vitamins
• High cereal content to maximise daily liveweight gain


Supreme Beef   
Beef Feed      
Supreme Beef has high energy content derived from maize, barley wheat and digestible fibre sources allow high levels of carcass gain to be achieved.
Its digestible fibre content stabilizes the rumen, promotes very high intake levels and reduces the incidence of acidosis.
Supreme Beef can be fed at high levels to ensure:

  Highest possible daily gain

•  An excellent kill out %

•  Improved grading results.


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Beef Feed



Rapid Beef 


This is a high-energy high performance 13% protein cattle finishing feed. It is uniquely blended using top quality ingredients.

Rapid Beef Nuts are

Designed for concentrate feeding systems right up to ad-lib.

Fully fortified with high levels of minerals and vitamins for high rate feeding.

•  Cereal based to provide ready available energy

Rapid Beef Finisher Nuts will ensure:

•  Excellent daily gain.

•  Excellent food conversion efficiency.

•  Good kill out %.


Beef and Cattle Complete   


Beef And Cattle Complete nuts are a 14% crude protein feed s

uitable for feeding to a wide range of stock and store cattle.

Beef And Cattle Complete is a highly palatable feed which is:

•  High in energy for finishing cattle

•  An ideal beef feed for store animals or replacement heifers

•  The first choice when fed on grass

This ration supplies the necessary protein, minerals and vitamins for young cattle to develop over the winter.


Super Beef Maize     


Super Beef Maize is specifically formulated to fully balance forage maize silage.

•  It is manufactured to maximise the liveweight gain and animal performance that is associated with feeding this quality forage

•  In addition to Hi Pro soya bean meal as the main souce of top quality protein it has extra high levels of minerals and vitamins especially selenium and sodium

•  Contains 17% crude protein to balance the low protein content of maize silage

•  This balancer is also available in Wagon Munch form

Consult our team to discuss our entire beef range.

Feed also available in 25 kg bags.