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‘WE’RE for farmers!’ is the slogan of Barrett Agri of Coppeen, located in the heart of West Cork and providing an unbeatable range of personal and expert services to farmers throughout the region and beyond for generations. What’s more, the company has a shop and store in both Coppeen and Bantry and across its various enterprises, Barrett’s employ over 35 people.

We know our customers and they know us. It’s about a business relationship, but it’s more than that. We are there in times of crisis and also when things are going well. ‘There are great friendships developed between our family and many of the families of our customers. John Barrett’s  grandfather and father dealt with West Cork farming families in their time. John Barrett is working with the present generation of the same families and establishing new links with many others.

In terms of the business today, obviously things have changed in an indescribable way over the past 50 years in farming, and of course we have changed and modernised with the times. The technology on Irish farms today is in line with some of the most advanced manufacturing and processing operations anywhere in the world. The management, science and business knowledge of our farmer customers today is in many ways a world away from where we were even 25 to 30 years ago. This is a very positive thing, and something farmers should be very proud of. This presents our business with the challenge of ensuring that we stay relevant to our farmer customers. We must work very hard now, not only to keep up with the knowledge of our customers, but in order to be relevant and beneficial to our customers, we must strive to be ahead of the game – to bring the latest research, advice and science to our customers so that we stay relevant and can continue to help them and improve results for them across all farming activity.

In the past, Barrett’s of Coppeen was predominantly an animal feed milling business. Today, we have the benefit of the vast buying power, modern mill technology and best animal nutrition science personal available to us through our relationship with our suppliers.  Our business now is much broader, we work with some the worlds top seed, chemical, mineral, plastics etc suppliers.

Our new outlet in Bantry is something we are extremely proud of. The support of local people and the huge support and welcome given to us by farmers in Bantry and all over that region has been incredible and has inspired us to really do all we can to support them and become more relevant to them in the years ahead.

Our strength today we feel, is very much in the relationships we form with our customers. The hope that we can continue to work with the generations of farming families we have been involved with in the past and the desire to add to that and build the same long-term work and business relationships with our newer customers in Bantry and further afield.


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