Barrett Agri association with Homefire, bring you the warm welcome of a coal fire.



Part of the fantastic ‘Homefire’ range of smokeless coal.

✅ SuperTherm is high a quality smokeless fuel

✅ Value for money

✅ Ideal for use on open fires and glass fronted stoves

✅ Easy to light 

✅ Generates a high heat

Banks well overnight



Stoveheat is a high quality alternative to anthracite

✅ Ideal for use on glass fronted stoves, room heaters, cookers and boiler. 

✅ Premium smokeless fuel which is extremely reliable and long lasting

✅ Low ash content

✅Produces up to 80% less smoke and 25% less C02 

✅ Suitable for use in smoke free zones.

Bag of SuperFlame

This fuel has built a reputation as a high-quality smokeless coal that creates a high heat output without leaving lots of ash. Simply the best Ovoid/Nugget mixed product on the market.

Can be burnt on its own or alongside other coals and smokeless fuels

✅ Ignites quicker than many smokeless coals

✅ For Open Fires or Glass Fronted Stoves

✅Available in 20kg

Bag of HeatGlow

A high heat coal briquette for your open fire and glass-front stove that produces low ash.

A high heat coal briquette

Available in 20kg bags 

Kindling, ‘firelighting’ sticks – for use in conjunction with either paper or firelighters to give your fire a flying start!

✅ The kindling is neatly packed in a convenient, plastic bag or net sealed at the top

✅ This kindling is easy to store

✅ Easy to light, getting your fire off to a roaring start

May differ from photo.