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Precision Application & Placement of Nitrogen Fertiliser 
Talking to Dairy Farmers at Millstreet Dairy Show​, over the past weekend, those that are already using O​MEX Liquid Fertiliser see and understand​ the key benefits when walking grassland after an application of O​MEX Liquid Fertiliser. They see immediately, once the sward begins to grow after cutting or grazing that there is a very even growth over the whole sward. The grass is evenly growing over and across the whole field. There is a very high density and thickness to the sward, ​due to each plant having got a Nitrogen feed. This is because every square inch of the field is getting an application of fertiliser right to the edge of the field and no further.  Clover plant growth in the sward is much better and clover  thriving is also observed.
Think about the same farmer applying a half bag of Urea or a bag of CAN – 50kg / acre! How close to each plant of grass will most of that granular fertiliser actually end up. 
Will it be 3″  6” or 30” away from most plants?  
Will it only feed the grass plants that it lands beside? 
Over 5 or even 8 applications annually, will some plants or segments of the field actually get to access any granule of fertiliser?  
What is the impact on plants that do not get access to that N Granule?  
Certainly, we know with most granular spreading systems, to get 100% application over the whole field and to the edge of the headlands, in particular, a significant amount will need to go into the boundary ditches. Otherwise only 50% of the granular application goes onto the field headlands! 50% application of headlands = 50% of a crop at headlands!  Some granular fertiliser ​manufacturers boast that theirs is a bigger size granule, which actually means less plants will get access to less granules in the spread!  (less N granule’s / sq/mt.)
The benefit of every square inch of the field getting even and regular N / NPK nutrition is a very positive thing against the standard granular application system, especially for grassland / dairy farmers who often go out with a bag – 50kgs / acre or less.
At a time now where most farmers need to find ways to reduce total N application, it is clear that precision application and placement of fertiliser so that all plants get immediate access and uptake is now more important than ever.  
O​MEX Liquid Fertiliser ticks all the boxes including;  
✅ Environment
✅Cost reduction
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Barrett Agri are suppliers of OMEX liquid fertiliser in Munster. The OMEX Nitroflo range of liquid nitrogen fertilisers has been specially formulated to offer some of the most concentrated liquid nitrogen nutrition available in Ireland.  

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In recent years the popularity of liquid fertilisers has soared, with more and more farmers turning to the liquid alternative.

✅ Up to 20% more accurate application compared to solid alternatives.

✅ Increased tramline widths up to 36m. Increased accuracy means reduced waste.

✅ Three liquid nitrogen sources – ammonium, nitrate, urea.

✅ Reduced leaching.

✅ Decreased man-hours. One person’s operation with no heavy bags.

✅ Simple application even in bad weather. As solution fertiliser can be applied when solid alternatives can’t.

✅ Optional tank storage scheme for better logistics and space management.

✅ Accurate Liquid Nitrogen Application.

Where Can I Get Liquid Nitrogen?
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Our branches in Copeen and Bantry are distributors of Omex. We offer liquid nitrogen to tillage and grassland farmers.

Going liquid has a number of benefits

OMEX liquid fertiliser range includes some of the most concentrated products available. It is delivered for farmer application and offers many advantages over conventional solid fertiliser application in terms of accuracy, consistency, and ease of use.                                              

✅ Using OMEX liquid fertilisers farmers will save time, protect the environment.

✅  Comply with cross compliance requirements.

✅ Maximise crop yields. 

✅ All OMEX liquid fertilisers are supplied in bulk thus eliminating packaging and the need to recycle waste, therefore, providing major handling and storage advantages over solid fertiliser.

Potential Fixed Cost Savings

Talk to your local Area Rep for more information potential savings.

Offloading with a forklift is not required

✅ Stored in a secure tank

✅ Removing the need for re-loading and carting to field

✅ No dust, no bag disposal

✅ Unused fertiliser is returned to the tank therefore no wastage

✅ Second man is not needed to re-load the spreader

Above all, most importantly it is, easy to store, simple to apply, and can be targeted with accuracy, where traditional solid fertiliser just can’t match. Additionally more and more agricultural producers are buying into it’s efficiency. Thus saving time, money and manpower. 

Finally, in conclusion, Nitroflo liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be efficiently and accurately applied, up to field boundaries but not beyond using standard farm machinery. Furthermore, the risk of liquid fertiliser scorch has been largely removed thanks to the use of specialist streamer bars and caps. All of the nitrogen is captured by crop thus reducing risk of leaching loss, in addition to precise targeting of nutrients. 

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